Spokane Association of REALTORS® Candidate Endorsements 2019

The Spokane Association REALTORS® believes we are facing a crisis when it comes to available housing. Our apartments and rentals in Spokane are seeing around a 1% vacancy rate. While many of these renters qualify to buy a home,  there are few options available to them. We are already seeing near record low inventory of housing at all levels.

As such, we see this year’s Spokane City Council races as being critical in addressing our key issues of housing affordability, housing availability, property rights and community safety.With an open seat for Mayor and City Council President, along with three city council races, we believe this may be the most important local race in twenty years. Our investment reflects the importance we place on these races

In May of 2019, a group of volunteer Spokane Association of REALTORS® met with nearly all of the City of Spokane candidates for office. Each was asked the same series of questions relating to our core issues. After meeting with these candidates, the committee selected those ideas and strategies that best move our issues forward.

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The following are candidates we are endorsing in the 2019 Primary election.

Mayor of Spokane

SAR RPAC Trustee Cynthia Gustafson, Mayoral Candidate Nadine Woodward, WA RPAC Chair Tom Hormel

This is the first open seat for Mayor in the City of Spokane since the new strong mayor form of government was adopted. After meeting with nearly all of the candidates, our team of REALTORS® voted unanimously to support Woodward for Mayor.

City Council President

Spokane City Council President candidate Cindy Wendle

Spokane Council President Candidate Cindy Wendle

Cindy Wendle, a licensed commercial real estate agent with years of property management experience has been selected by the Spokane Association of REALTORS® for the vacant position of City Council President.

City Council Position One

Spokane Council Candidate Michael Cathcart

In a large field of candidates, we have endorsed Better Spokane Executive Director Michael Cathcart for the vacant Position One seat on the Spokane City Council.

City Council Position Two

Spokane City Council Member Lori Kinnear

Council member Lori Kinnear has proven to be a strong advocate for housing in Spokane. We are endorsing here for a second term on the Spokane City Council, position two.

City Council Position Three

Spokane City Council candidate Andy Rathbun

A career Air Force officer, SAR has selected Andy Rathbun to be our choice for the Spokane city council’s District Three Position.

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City of Spokane Valley Position Three

Spokane City Council member Arne Woodard

Additionally, the SAR has elected to endorse long-time supporter and fellow REALTORS® Arne Woodard (ret) for another term in the City of Spokane Valley Position Three, a position he has held since 2011.