What is MLS Grid?

The MLS Grid is 100% RESO Data Dictionary compliant and partners with numerous MLSs across the United States to streamline the process of pulling listing data in a standardized and consistent format.

Web API Solution for IDX
MLS Grid makes it easier brokers, agents and web developers to operate real estate websites with up-to-date MLS data. Because MLS Grid is a web API solution, the pool of tech talent that can assist you with adding an IDX feed to your website and maintaining it is now expanded. RETS is an outdated IDX model that is served by a small group of vendors, which drives up cost and production time for brokers and agents who want to add MLS data feeds to their websites. Level up your website options with MLS GRID!

Why Web API?

RETS is an old, outdated standard that is being retired and replaced with Web API. The RESO Web API is a RESTful API that uses open-source technologies and architectures of Odata, OpenID Connect and JSON. The commonality and standards enable quick and transposable development of applications across MLSs. In a nutshell, it’s easier for developers.


In addition, the National Association of REALTORS® requires that association-owned MLSs — such as SAR — transition to Web API and adopt the RESO Data Dictionary standards.


Spokane MLS Transition Timeline

Spokane MLS went live on MLS Grid August 19, 2021.  Spokane MLS will full switch to MLS Grid in July 2022.  At that time, RETS will no longer be an option for IDX, VOW or back office feeds.

Moving to Grid
All SAR IDX vendors are required to sign up for MLS Grid. The registration requires the vendor to complete their portion of the IDX license agreement and send it to their customer (the Participant or broker). As a reminder, all REALTOR members are brokers in Washington state.  The Participant is the Principal member of the firm or someone designated to act on their behalf as a Managing Broker.  As always, data feeds require Participant approval. The Participant and/or broker then completes their portion of the agreement, which is sent to SAR. The last step is for SAR to finalize and approve the agreement. The entire process is completed online through MLS Grid.


If you have current agreements through RETS, these will need to be renewed through the MLS Grid process. This will help all parties clean up outdated and irrelevant paper agreements that may be on file. After the vendor has registered, all new agreements should be administered through MLS Grid.


Documentation of this process is located in the Resources tab. If you have any questions regarding this transition, please email data@spokanerealtor.com

Important Resources

Developer Checklist – Prepare for your first import
Best Practices Guide – Start getting the data
Vendor Access Guide – Register on MLS Grid
Adding a Broker/Agent – Send the license agreement to a customer
All Guides – A link to all guides and resources


Agreements and Rules

Master Data License Agreement
IDX Rules
VOW Rules

To start your registration click here.