Code of Ethics Complaint

To file an Ethics Complaint, please return the following:


    • Filled out and signed Ethic Complaint Form (below);
    • Narrative description of the circumstances;
    • Any pertinent documents.

NOTE: If your complaint is received without the above information, it may be returned to you for completion. It is imperative that the Grievance Committee receive this information to be able to make a determination for your complaint.


Mail to:

Spokane Association of REALTORS®

1924 N. Ash

Spokane, WA 99205


You may also email a completed and signed Ethics Complaint (with attachments) to:

Code of Ethics Enforcement Member Packet

Submit this form to file an ethics complaint.

    Ethics Complaint Flow Chart


    You want to file an ethics complaint against another Broker?

    Try resolving by discussion with both Managing Brokers. Is the Issue resolved?

    >No, I want Ombuds
    >No, I want to proceed with formal complaint

    Issue Resolved. No complaint necessary

    Consider an Ombuds, schedule with SAR. Did it resolve issues?

    >Yes - Ombuds meeting has resolved issues.
    >No - Ombuds did not resolve issues.

    Meeting has resolved issues. No complaint necessary.

    Issue not resolved. You want to proceed with filling a formal complaint. Was alleged offense within: (Must be filed within 180 days of actual knowledge of violation)

    >The last 180 days
    >More than 180 days ago

    Complaint cannot be filed. Expiration of complaint period.

    Contact SAR for specific filing forms.

    ____ Complaint Form
    ____ Narrative
    ____ Defined violationed of the code of ethics
    ____ All supporting documents

    Return packet to the SAR. SAR sends to Grievance Committee.

    >Grivence Committee determines no violation
    >Committee believes there may be violations

    Complaint is forwarded to Professional Standards for a hearing.

    You are notified that complaint is dismissed! Is that acceptable to you?


    Accept decision or drop your complaint.

    You do not accept decision and appeal to BOD.