Spokane County Housing Crisis
What 31,920 Housing Units Short
Means for Our Communities

The housing crisis in Spokane County did not happen overnight, and it will take all of us working together to solve this problem. REALTORS® are committed to working with consumers, local businesses, home builders and multi-unit developers as well as policy makers to support creating more housing.

Spokane Association of REALTORS®, in partnership with allied organizations throughout Spokane County, is working to eliminate the housing crisis that impacts our neighbors, local businesses and the health and well-being of so many. Together We Are Stronger is our public awareness campaign and can help our communities rise to the challenge. Use this site to explore how the housing shortage impacts families, communities, businesses, developers, our elected officials and so many more.

Spokane County Housing Data Has Us Concerned

These numbers are keeping us up at night. Spokane County’s Housing Crisis affects everyone.

Understanding Spokane County Housing Crisis

These videos demonstrate how the Housing Crisis in Spokane County makes the American Dream almost impossible. It affects us socially, economically and environmentally. Change is needed

Spokane County Has a Serious
Housing Problem
Video: 2:10 minutes
For 20 Years Growth Strategy Hasn’t Worked. Zoning & Planning Changes Are Needed.

Why is it so difficult to Buy a Home in
Spokane County?
Video: 2:00 minutes
94% Drop in Homes Available Over Past 11 Years. Rising Housing Costs – Experts Have Recommendations.

Why are housing prices going up in Spokane County?
Video: 2:20 minutes
2015 Median Home Price = $179,000
June 2021 Median Home Price = $380,000. If You Can Find a Home, You May Be Competing with 20+ Buyers. Everyday we wait, costs continue to rise.

We Need More Housing... Now!

6,600 additional housing units over the next sixteen years is woefully inadequate. We must find a way to create 3,000 new homes every year.

Spokane and the County Need More Housing

A new study, sponsored by the Spokane Association of REALTORS®, stated we need over 3,000 new homes per year just to meet demands. It’s why Washington State has the lowest ration of homes per family in the US. In fact, half of all renters in Spokane County are actively trying to find a home… but are faced with the lowest levels of inventory in history. WE NEED ACTION TODAY! Before we end up driving Spokane out of Spokane.

What You Can Do

We want to hear from you! Please Take Our Survey and share how the housing shortage affects you. Your input will help Spokane REALTORS® make change happen.

Are you struggling to find a home within your budget?
Let us know the top 2-3 challenges you’re facing due to the housing shortage.

Local Businesses
What is the #1 challenge you face in your business that may be related to high rents, lower disposable income and fewer homeowners?

Housing starts and ends with you. What top 3 challenges are holding you back from developing more housing units? Share Your Story.

Policy Makers
The housing crisis is costing Spokane County valuable construction wages and taxes that could be used for infrastructure, programs and services. What are your ideas for responsible land use and more home building?

Together with REALTORS®, you can help our communities create more housing and open new doors for everyone in Spokane County.

Please take our 3 question survey.

Eric Johnson, ABR, SRES
2021 SAR President

Robert Higgins
SAR Executive Officer